Whole Lotta Love for the DockATot

Aug. 31, 2016: I always have my feelers out for new and useful products in the baby world, but it took baby No. 3 for me to discover, and fall in love with, the DockATot. Its cocoon-like design creates a snug surrounding for babies to lie in. The DockATot is available in two sizes (up to 36 m) and is fully compliant with both federal law and U.S. safety standards. Yup, this plush-like baby lounger is my go-to for all things baby right now.

With my baby just 12 weeks old, here are five uses I’ve already discovered for the DockATot:

1. Safety with Toddlers
The main reason I bought a DockATot was that, with two toddlers running around, I needed a safe place for my newborn to be. They love him to bits, sometimes a little too much, and it was making me feel like “gentle” and “space” were the only two words coming out of my mouth. In the DockATot, I discovered my baby could safely be on the bed or couch, and I wasn’t worried about all the chaos that unfolded on a daily basis around him.

2. Co-Sleeping Made Easy
I’ve always loved the idea of co-sleeping with my baby, but there were too many “what ifs” that made me second-guess this. The DockATot offers a safe place for my baby to sleep on the bed. It’s also not too large, so it doesn’t take up too much room on a double or queen-sized bed.

3. Traveling Light
This dock has traveled with us everywhere this summer. No need for lugging Pack n’ Plays around. Yea!

4. After a Bath
I love using the DockATot after baths. It’s so easy to move it from room to room, and it’s a great place for my baby to stay snug, wrapped in a towel, while I drain the tub and put away the supplies.

5. The End of the Swaddle
This is where I am now: that challenge of getting my baby to sleep without a swaddle. My little guy is rolling over and we’re not swaddling anymore, which would normally mean more sleepless nights during this transition time. But the DockATot’s cocoon-like design hugs him perfectly and just keeps his arms and legs a little snug at night. 

Don't forget an extra cover!

Kathryn Peck
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