Motherhood: Strength Amidst Chaos


May 14, 2017: As a mom of three, everything is a constant juggling act. Between school drop-offs and pickups; homework and permission slips; meals to plan, prepare and pack (one child likes blueberry yogurt, the other only strawberry); ballet class and swimming lessons; have I changed the baby’s diaper lately and are there even enough clean socks for everyone? Throw in a business to run and everything is a scramble. I’ll admit, I often feel as though I’m a heartbeat away from complete and utter lawlessness, which leaves me feeling discouraged for not doing everything better.

That’s when I remind myself of something my own mother once said to me as I was bellyaching to her about the chaos of my daily routine. She said I’d look back on this time in my life as my strongest.

It was a gracious and thoughtful comment said in passing, but it stuck with me. Every parent should remind themselves of this. Being a parent isn’t easy; it is chaos – extraordinary, surprising, wonderful, nurturing chaos.  

My mom’s words remind me that that there is strength in doing what I do, whether it’s packing a school lunch or balancing the store’s finances, training new employees, and finalizing merchandise orders for the coming season. Never again will life be such an incredible balancing act as it is right now, and everything is pretty darn good. 

(Thanks Mom!) 

Kathryn Peck
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