The Third Pregnancy: What’s Different This Time Around?

    Apr. 16, 2016 - Every time I have a baby, I get new potholders. Maybe that’s my way of nesting. I’m on my third set of adorable, floral-print potholders in five years, and thus, expecting baby no. 3 in a few weeks. Every child is different, and every pregnancy is different, too. Some people have asked, having been through two pregnancies before, what’s different this time around?  

       For starters, I was showing a whole lot sooner; so much sooner, in fact, that I started doing sit-ups and other abdominal-strengthening exercises before I even realized I was pregnant.

       Morning sickness was the worst the third time. Perhaps it does get worse with each pregnancy, as I’ve heard some say, or perhaps it’s simply because with children at home you can’t rest, you can’t eat starchy foods all day, and you can’t roll over in the morning and get another hour of sleep. Whatever the reason, the nausea and fatigue the third time around was the most difficult.

       What vitamins? That’s right. With my first, I lived by my daily prenatal vitamins. Rarely did I forget to take them. And when my doctor recommended an iron supplement, I found the best—and most expensive—iron supplement out there and added plenty of iron-rich foods to my diet. And what’s more, I recorded it all in the nutrition journal I kept. (Yes, a nutrition journal!) But more recently, the only reminder that I have to take my vitamins is that CVS keeps calling to remind me that it’s time to refill my prescription. When I hear the recorded message on my phone, I look over at my nearly full bottle of vitamins and vow to not to forget tomorrow.

       Exercise and eating healthy—I know it’s important, but…. During my first pregnancy I walked every morning and added broccoli as a side dish to every meal. This time around, I seem to add chocolate cake to every meal, and when I say meal, I mean the crusts to my children’s peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and a few remaining cheddar goldfish crackers left on their plates.

       Nine months flies by. I fondly remember the days of my first pregnancy when I relished each and every day. I knew exactly how many weeks (even days) pregnant I was, how big the baby was, and each little kick was written down in the baby book. But this time, I’m pretty sure I went from 8 weeks to 30 weeks overnight. Where did the time go?

       Oh right, a nursery! I spent months picking out a theme for a nursery during my first pregnancy. I endlessly searched for the perfect mobile, art for the walls, and matching crib sheets and blankets. Maybe it’s because now I know with the baby in my room for the first few months there’s little need for a nursery, but this time my goal is to just have the blankets laundered and clean before baby arrives. 

       It’s hard to imagine what life will be like with baby number three. And although each pregnancy is different—and I have the brand-new pot holders to prove it—one thing, I know, will be the same as my previous pregnancies: the moment this baby is born, my life will change forever and I won’t ever be able to imagine life without them.

    Photo courtesy of Little Unicorn

    Kathryn Peck
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